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Houston Psychiatric Society                                                                                          

John P. McGovern Building                                                                                  

1515 Hermann Drive  | Houston, TX  77004              

Phone:  713-524-4267                                                 

Fax:      713-526-1434      

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Sanjay Adhia, MD
Specialty: General Psychiatry, Forensic Psychiatric, Independent Medical Exams, Brain Injury Medicine, Addiction Medicine, Correctional Psychiatry
Populations Served: Adults, Adolescents and Geriatric (Clinical: Only at Memorial Hermann TIRR and Avenue 360)
Office Address:
5826 New Territory Blvd., Suite 803 Sugar Land, TX 77479
Ph: Patients: UT Physicians at 888-488-3627
     Colleagues, Attorneys and for IMEs: 832-746-5905

*Offering Tele-forensic video evaluations for civil, criminal or other forms of Independent Medical Examinations (i.e. Occupational, fitness for duty, disability, workman’s comp, etc.)
Milton Altschuler, MD
Specialty: Chemotherapy, Psychotherapy, Forensic
Population Served: Outpatient Adults
Office Address:
4550 Post Oak Place Dr. Ste. 320
Houston, TX. 77027
Ph: 713-622-5840
Kenneth Arfa, MD
Specialty: College and Young Adults; ADHD
Population Served: Adult & older adolescents. GLBT-friendly
Office Address:
6750 West Loop South, Ste. 1000
Bellaire, TX. 77401
Ph: 713-723-5774
Garima Arora, MD
Specialty: General Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry, Neuropsychiatry, Cognitive Disorders, Suboxone
Population Served: Outpatient Adults and elderly
Greater Houston Psychiatrics
4888 Loop Central Dr. Suite 510
Houston, TX 77081
Ph: 713-346-1551
Fax: 713-346-1577
*Offering Telephyschiatry and accepting new patients

UT Physicians
1941 East Rd. Suite 2100
Houston, TX 77054
Phone: 713-486-2700
Fax: 713-486-2721
*Accepting new physicians but only from physician referrals
A. David Axelrad, MD
Specialty: General Psychiatry, Pain Medicine, Psychoanalysis, Forensic Psychiatry and Hypnosis
Population Served:
4545 Bissonet, Ste. 131
Bellaire, TX 77401
Ph: 713-523-5999
Jason Baron, MD
Specialty: Inpatient, Day Treatment for Mental/Nervous and Dual Disordered Patients-Medicare
Population Served: General Adult, Dual Disorders, Geriatric, Child & Adolescent
Office Address:
5500 Guhn Rd. Ste. 100
Houston, TX. 77040
Ph: 832-746-4040
Ranjit Chacko, MD
Specialty: Psychopharmacology, ECT, Geriatric Psychiatry, Neuropsychiatry
Population Served: Adults, Geriatric
Office Address:
6560 Fannin St. Ste. 900
Houston, TX. 77030
Ph: 713-441-1537
Irvin Cohen, MD
Specialty: General Psychiatry
Population Served: Retired
Katherine Cowan, MD
Specialty: General Adult
Population Served: Inpatients only at Harris County Psych Center
Office Address:
2800 S. MacGregor Way
Houston, TX. 77021
Ph: 713-741-5000
Kimberly Cress, MD
Specialty: Medication Management of Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, ADHD, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator as Treatment Option for Depression
Population Served:
Office Address:
4545 Sweetwater Rd.
Sugar Land, Texas 77479
Ph: 281-240-7000
Alauna D. Curry, MD
Specialty: General Psychiatry
Population Served:
Office Address:
One Baylor Plaza, MS 350
Houston, TX. 77030
Ph: 713-798-4857 ext. 53361
John W. Dale, MD
Population Served: Adults, Adolescent
Office Address:
5629 FM 1960 W. #231
Houston, TX. 77069
Ph: 281-440-5553

Norman Decker, MD
Specialty: Effects of Psychological Trauma; Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Population Served: Adults
Office Address:
PO Box 980517
Houston, TX. 77098
Charles De John, MD, PhD, FAPA
Specialty: General Adult Psychiatry; Geriatric Psychiatry
Population Served:
Office Address:
3801 Kirby Dr. Ste. 246
Houston, TX. 77098
Ph: 713-828-4530
George de la Torre, MD
Specialty: Dynamic Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis
Population Served:
Office Address:
101 Westcott Ste. 704
Houston, TX 77004
William K. Drell, MD
Population Served: Adult and Adolescent (age 13-59)
Office Address:
909 Frostwood Dr. Ste. 258
Houston, TX. 77024
Ph: 713-464-4455
Aaron H. Fink, MD
Specialty: ADHD, Eating Disorders, Group Therapy, Forensics, Sports Psychiatry
Population Served: Children, Adolescents and Adults
Office Address:
4550 Post Oak Place #320
Houston, TX. 77027
Ph: 713-622-5480
*Providing Telepsychiatry to new and established patients via Zoom
Kathleen Gallentine, MD
Specialty: General Psychiatry, Adult ADHD
Population Served: 16 years and older
Office Address:
3100 Richmond Ave. Ste. 410
Houston, TX 77098
Ph: 713-528-9430
Jason Garvin, DO
Specialty: ADHD, OCD, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder
Population Served: Adults, Adolescents, Children
Office Address:
3000 Richmond Ave. Ste. 425
Houston, TX. 77098
Daniel Garza, MD
Specialty: Depression, Bipolar, Anxiety, Gay and Lesbian Issues
Population Served: Adults
Accept Aetna. Fee for Service
Office Address:
3131 Eastside St. Suite 415
Houston, TX. 77098
Ph: 281-610-8190
*Offering Telepsychiatry and accepting new patients
Bernard Gerber, MD
Specialty: Outpatient Adult Psychiatry
Population Served: Over 18 years, outpatient care
Office Address:
5959 W. Loop South #600
Bellaire, TX. 77401
Ph: 713-669-0303
Lawrence D. Ginsberg, MD
Specialty: Psychopharmacology, Addiction Medicine, Clinical Research
Population Served: Ages 3 and Up
Office Address:
17115 Red Oak Dr. #109
Houston, TX. 77090
Ph: 281-893-4111
Franklin H. Gittess, MD
Specialty: General Psychiatry
Population Served:
Office Address:
George S. Glass, MD
Specialty: Addiction, Psychiatry, Forensic
Population Served:
Office Address:
4600 Post Oak Place, Ste. 302
Houston, TX. 77027
Ph: 713-666-9811
Jose A. Guiterrez, MD
Specialty: General Psychiatry
Population Served: Adults, Geriatric
Office Address:
7500 Beechnut #214
Houston, TX. 77074
Ph: 713-772-6519
Ronald Hauser, MD
Specialty: Mood Disorders, Substance Abuse, Geriatric
Population Served: Adults
Office Address:
5959 West Loop South Ste. 600
Bellaire, TX. 77401
Ph: 713-669-0303

Penelope J. Hooks, MD
Specialty: Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, Shopping Addictions, Parent/Child Relationships
Population Served: Outpatient Adults/Children
Office Address:
3311 Richmond Ste. 330
Houston, TX 77098
Ph: 713-521-9087
Kara Kahan, MD
Specialty: Child Psychiatry
Population Served: Child adolescent and adult patients
Office Address:
6750 West Loop South Ste. 360
Bellaire, TX 77401
Phone: 713-218-0100
*Offering Telepsychiatry and accepting new patients

Daryl K. Knox, MD
Specialty: Emergency Psychiatry
Population Served: Children, Adult, Adolescent
Office Address:
1502 Taub Loop
Houston, TX. 77030
Ph: 713-970-4625
Ashok I. Khushalani, MD
Speciality: Child Psychiatry, Adult Psychiatry, Addiction Psychiatry
Population Served: Adult, Child
Office Address:
210 S. Ave. C
Humble, TX 77338
Ph: 281-446-9216
Dharmendra Kumar, MD
Speciality: Child Psychiatry, Adult Psychiatry, Addiction Psychiatry
Population Served: Adult, Child
Office Address:
1919 North Loop West Suite - 280
Houston, TX 77008
Ph: 832-930-1202
Fax: 832-304-6385
*Offering Psychiatry and accepting new patients
  Offering free psych consultation to patients who are stressed due to lockdown and lost their job/cannot afford to pay
Mark Kunik, MD
Specialty: Geriatric Psychiatry, Research
Population Served: Geriatric Veterans, Guardianships
Office Address:
2002 Holcombe
Houston, TX. 77030
Ph: 713-662-2480
James W. Lomax, MD
Specialty: Psychoanalysis
Population Served: Adults
Office Address:
6655 Travis, Ste. 700
Houston, TX. 77030
Ph: 713-798-4878
Lauren Marangell, MD
Specialty & Area: Depression, anxiety
Brian Health Consultants and TMS Center
Ph: 713-489-5000
*Offer pharmacogenetics which can be used with telemedicine
   Fee for service only. New patient appoints available within 5 business days
Office number 713-489-5000
Rebecca Maxwell, MD
Specialty & Area: Dr Maxwell has extensive experience in multiple areas including outpatient, inpatient, partial hospital, dual diagnosis, detox, and is board certified by ABPN.  Also completed Integrative Medicine fellowship.
Office Address:
Trimera Health
7501 Fite Rd
Pearland, TX 77584
Ph: 281-997-5515
*Telepsychiatry offered during COVID crisis.
 Offering a free initial assessment to first responder medical personnel such as EMT, MD, RN working with covid patients.
Office number 281-997-5515
Website under construction
Jaqueline C. McGregor, MD
Specialty: Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis
Population Served: Child, Adolescent and Adults
Office Address:
3642 University Blvd, Ste. 200
Houston, TX. 77005
Ph: 713-667-3887

Mohsen Mirabi, MD
Specialty: Depressive Disorders, Substance Abuse
Population Served:
Office Address:
7515 S. Main St. Ste 600
Houston, TX 77030
Ph: 713-796-9992
William Patrick Moore, MD
Specialty: Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy of Children, Adolescents, Adults, Families and Groups. Consultation and supervision of all.
701 N. Post Oak Blvd. Ste. 216
Houston, TX 77024
Ph: 713-681-2030
J. F. Neto, MD
Broadway Medical, P.A.
Specialty: Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry
3208 Broadway St.
Houston, TX 77017
Ph: 713-641-5656
Debra M. Osterman, MD
Specialty: Forensic and Addiction Psychiatry
Population Served: Mentally ill in Harris County Jail
Office Address:
1200 Baker St., Rm. 1CS222
Houston, TX. 77002
Ph: 713-755-2241
Richard Pesikoff, MD
Specialty: Adult, Adolescent and Child Psychiatry
Population Served: ALL
Office Address:
24 East Greenway Plaza, Ste. 1204
Houston, TX. 77046
Ph: 713-795-5424

Michael L. Pipkin, MD
Specialty: Psychotherapy, Mood and Personality Disorders
Population Served: Adults and Adolescents
Office Address:
3730 Kirby Dr. Ste. 700
Houston, TX. 77098
Ph: 713-528-5075
Sonja L. Randle, MD
Specialty: Preschool evaluations, School Consultations, ADHD Evaluations, Adolescent Depression/Anxiety, Family Consultations
Population Served: Children, Adolescents and Adults
Office Address:
4606 Cypress Creek Pkwy, Ste. 545
Houston, TX 77069
Ph: 281-583-5888

Denise Rashti, MD
Specialty: Women's Issues, Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders
Population Served: Adults
Office Address:
5909 West Loop South, Ste. 610
Bellaire, TX. 77401
Ph: 713-667-5800
Marco Renazco, MD
Specialty: Mood Disorders, ADHD, Addictions
Population Served: Adolescents & Adults; Spanish Spoken
Office Address: Katy Psychiatry
24215 Kingsland Blvd.
Katy, TX. 77494
Ph: 281-599-3313
Margo K. Restrepo, MD
Specialty: Attention Defficit Disorders, Chronic Pain, Anxieties
Population Served: Adults
Office Address:
1213 Hermann Dr. #880
Houston, TX. 77004
Ph: 713-520-1909
Ronald Lee “Ron” Rogers, MD
Specialty: General Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis
Population Served:
3109 Greenbriar
Houston, TX 77098
Doreen A. Sabalesky, MD
Specialty: Anxiety, Depression, OCD
Population Served: Adult
Office Address:
3505 Bradford St. Unit B
Houston, TX. 77025
Ph: 713-799-1130
George Santos, MD
Office Address:
5151 San Felipe St #1470
Houston, TX 77056
Ph: 713-622-4499
*Offering Telepsychiatry
David Suchowiecky, MD
Specialty: Pain Management
Population Served: Adults General Psychiatry/Pain Managment
Office Address:
7505 Fannin St. Ste. 350
Houston, TX. 77030
Ph: 713-797-0077
Stephanie Sim, MD
Specialty: Adult Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (out patient), Depression, Anxiety, Women’s Mental Health
Population Served: Adolescents and Adults
Office Address: Stephanie C. Sim, MD, P.A.
10701 Corporate Dr. Ste. 243
Stafford, TX. 77477
Ph: 832-541-0609
Timothy Sharma, MD
Specialty: Depression, Schizophrenia, Addictions
Population Served: ALL
Office Address:
7505 Fannin St. #304
Houston, TX. 77054
Ph: 713-790-0745

Susan Sparkman, MD
Specialty: TMS Treatment, Psychotherapy, Personalized Evaluation, Psychoanalysis, Clinical Homeopathy, Pediatrician
Population Served: Children, Adolescents & Adults
Office Address:
3400 Bissonnet St. 298
Houston, TX 77005
Ph: 713-667-9775
Fax: 713-667-4321
*Offering Telepsychiatry via phone, FaceTime or Skype
Alana R. Spiwak, MD
Specialty: Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy, Eating Disorders
Population Served: Adolescents and Adults
Office Address:
4119 Montrose Blvd, Ste. 300
Houston, TX. 77006
Ph: 713-874-1892

Martha St. John, MD
Population Served: Over 18 years old, insurance accepted
Office Address:
11767 Katy Fwy, Ste. 364
Houston, TX. 77079
Ph: 281-497-3500
Jay D. Tarnow, MD
Specialty: ADHD-Child and Adolescent
Population Served: Children, Adolescents and Adults
Office Address:
1001 West Loop South, Ste. 215
Houston, TX. 77027
Ph: 713-621-9515
Robert E. White, MD
Specialty: Individual Psychotherapy, Group Psychotherapy, Medication Management
Population Served: General
Office Address:
2121 Sage Rd. Ste. 180
Houston, TX. 77056
Ph: 713-622-8288

Linda B. Wittig, MD
Specialty: Child, Adolescent Forensic
Population Served: Juvenile Probation Department
Office Address:
1200 Congress-Juvenile Probation Department
Houston, TX. 77002
Ph: 713-222-4253
Edwin C. Wood, MD
Specialty: Psychotherapy-Psychoanalysis
Population Served: Adults
Office Address:
3642 University Blvd. Ste. 201
Houston, TX. 77005
Ph: 713-661-1830
Robie Wright, MD
Specialty: Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry and Neurology
Population Served: Child, Adolescent and Adult
Office Address:
4550 Post Oak Place, Suite 320
Houston, TX. 77027
Ph: 713-662-5480
Fax: 713-622-7381

*Offering Telehealth  and accepting new patients
Mitchell Alan Young, MD
Specialty: Child & Adolescent, Adult & Forensic Psychiatry
Address: 1118 Barkdull Street
Houston, Texas  77006
Ph: 713-522-4505
Fax: 713-522-1447

*Providing HIPAA secure  telemental health conferencing and accepting new patients

Member Referral Directory

The information below is provided by the individual physicians for referral purposes. Inclusion is limited to the Houston Psychiatric Society members. If you wish to be listed in the referral directory, please contact LaCoya Boone at the HPS Administration Office or complete the form and fax it to (713) 526-1434.