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Garima Arora, MD
Specialty: General Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry, Neuropsychiatry, Cognitive Disorders, Suboxone
Population Served: Outpatient Adults and elderly
Greater Houston Psychiatrics
4888 Loop Central Dr. Suite 510
Houston, TX 77081
Ph: 713-346-1551
Fax: 713-346-1577
Website: www.ghpa.net/psychiatrists.php
*Offering Telephyschiatry and accepting new patients

UT Physicians
1941 East Rd. Suite 2100
Houston, TX 77054
Phone: 713-486-2700
Fax: 713-486-2721
*Accepting new physicians but only from physician referrals

George de la Torre, MD
Specialty: Dynamic Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis
Population Served:
Office Address:
101 Westcott Ste. 704
Houston, TX 77004

George Santos, MD
Office Address:
5151 San Felipe St #1470
Houston, TX 77056
Ph: 713-622-4499
*Offering Telepsychiatry

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