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Lauren Marangell, MD
Specialty & Area: Depression, anxiety
Brian Health Consultants and TMS Center
Ph: 713-489-5000
*Offer pharmacogenetics which can be used with telemedicine
Fee for service only. New patient appoints available within 5 business days
Office number 713-489-5000
Website: www.brainhealthconsultants.com

Lawrence D. Ginsberg, MD
Specialty: Psychopharmacology, Addiction Medicine, Clinical Research
Population Served: Ages 3 and Up
Office Address:
17115 Red Oak Dr. #109
Houston, TX. 77090
Ph: 281-893-4111

Linda B. Wittig, MD
Specialty: Child, Adolescent Forensic
Population Served: Juvenile Probation Department
Office Address:
1200 Congress-Juvenile Probation Department
Houston, TX. 77002
Ph: 713-222-4253

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