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Sanjay Adhia, MD
Specialty: General Psychiatry, Forensic Psychiatric, Independent Medical Exams, Brain Injury Medicine, Addiction Medicine, Correctional Psychiatry
Populations Served: Adults, Adolescents and Geriatric (Clinical: Only at Memorial Hermann TIRR and Avenue 360)
Office Address:
5826 New Territory Blvd., Suite 803 Sugar Land, TX 77479
Ph: Patients: UT Physicians at 888-488-3627
Colleagues, Attorneys and for IMEs: 832-746-5905
Email: [email protected]
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adhia-expert-witness/
Website: https://www.forensicpsychiatrynow.com/

*Offering Tele-forensic video evaluations for civil, criminal or other forms of Independent Medical Examinations (i.e. Occupational, fitness for duty, disability, workman’s comp, etc.)

Sonja L. Randle, MD
Specialty: Preschool evaluations, School Consultations, ADHD Evaluations, Adolescent Depression/Anxiety, Family Consultations
Population Served: Children, Adolescents and Adults
Office Address:
4606 Cypress Creek Pkwy, Ste. 545
Houston, TX 77069
Ph: 281-583-5888

Stephanie Sim, MD
Specialty: Adult Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (out patient), Depression, Anxiety, Women’s Mental Health
Population Served: Adolescents and Adults
Office Address: Stephanie C. Sim, MD, P.A.
10701 Corporate Dr. Ste. 243
Stafford, TX. 77477
Ph: 832-541-0609

Susan Sparkman, MD
Specialty: TMS Treatment, Psychotherapy, Personalized Evaluation, Psychoanalysis, Clinical Homeopathy, Pediatrician
Population Served: Children, Adolescents & Adults
Office Address:
3400 Bissonnet St. 298
Houston, TX 77005
Ph: 713-667-9775
Fax: 713-667-4321
*Offering Telepsychiatry via phone, FaceTime or Skype

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